“Ruby Gottlieb is the consummate media professional. Her work with me for over 15 years helping to market A&E Television programming is a testament to her dedication to client service, innovation, and passion for the media industry. She is always ahead of the curve and consistently enhancing her solid media knowledge with goals of breakthrough and engaging consumer experiences. I could always turn to Ruby for guidance and answers to help grow my own media and marketing expertise.”Lori Peterzell
Former VP, Brand Strategy and Consumer Marketing, A&E Television Networks

“Ruby is a true pioneer of the digital advertising industry. After driving Horizon Media’s efforts to build out its digital division, Ruby pushed this group into a leadership position within the nascent Online Video industry. Under her guidance, Horizon delivered BBE’s (my company) first campaign for her client, The History Channel. Subsequent efforts have helped shape the industry and have made Ruby’s career in both traditional and digital advertising a background unmatched throughout the media industry.”Matt Wasserlauf
CEO & Founder, Torrential, The Mobile Video Company

“Ruby Gottlieb is an innovator and media thought-leader who maintains two steps ahead of her peers…..worked with clients to design custom mobile applications before iPhone or Android even existed…..an amazing teacher and mentor….a truly unique and invaluable resource in this industry” Wendi Dunlap
currently Director, Global Agency Partnerships/Oracle Marketing Cloud

“Ruby is truly one of the great leaders in the media business today and I have had the distinct pleasure of working with her on several fronts – whether traditional or digital.  No matter the project or exchange, Ruby always brought forward thinking to the table that was both empowering and inspiring—and the net result was a partnership that was unique, smart & rewarding for both sides….” Jack Rotherham
Chief Marketing Officer, FreeWheel

“Ruby is a true pioneer in the digital space AND she somehow manages to be the most informed strategic thinker in an arena that changes rapidly erratically and significantly at a breakneck pace. Our brand has benefitted immensely from her insights. Period. And will continue to as a result of her strategic vision. I have still yet to come across another person with the breadth of experience she brings to the table, and would highly recommend her services to any business.”Shazi Visram
Founder & CEO, Happy Baby Food

“Ruby is a tireless media professional with a wealth of knowledge/experience and an exemplary work ethic.  She is always open to new ideas, paving the way for innovative successful client endeavors.  Most importantly, she always pays strict attention to clients’ measures of success.” Steven Siegel
currently Senior Strategic Relationship Director, FreeWheel

“Ruby has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to how technology is changing the advertising and marketing landscape.  She’s terrific with clients and one of the most dedicated people I’ve ever worked with.” Marc Schiller
CEO and Founder, BOND Strategy & Influence (formerly Electric Artists Inc.)

“Ruby was my second boss in the industry…and was my first woman role model.  I learned not only about media but about integrity, hard work, passion and compassion.  Ruby is an expert in communications, transforming herself into a digital guru, all with a strong business backbone and marketing sense.” Julie Chan
International Media Director at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare